Sunday, 8 February 2015


Now day three was probably the best day of the trip. It was a jam-packed day starting off at Central Park in the morning, followed by a tour of the Teen Vogue offices, and ending with a visit to the top of the Empire State Building. Now, does that not sound like an awesome day?1 (Hint: the only correct answer to that is YES). 
You don't realise quite just how big Central Park is until it takes you almost an hour to only wonder around the tiniest corner of it. Last time I was in New York was the summer of 2008, and this time it was winter so the park looked completely different to how I last saw it, but still just as beautiful. Last time I saw people on boats on the lakes and wondering around with ice creams, whereas this time round people were ice-skating and eating hot pretzels. (I myself couldn't resist getting a New York hot dog).
Next on the list: Teen Vogue. I honestly couldn't believe the fact we were about to visit the offices of one of the biggest and best magazines in the world. The offices are located in the new One World Trade Centre which is such a stunning and impressive building. I absolutely loved the tour of the offices, and it just reinforced my dream to work at a fashion magazine. The view wasn't half bad either.
Last on the list: the Empire State Building. I had also already visited this tourist attraction back in 2008, but the weather the day me and family went up it was quite foggy so we didn't get a very good look at the city. This time however was a different story. New York really is the most beautiful skyline in the world (or I am yet to see one that tops it).

Central Park