Monday, 10 October 2016


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Sunday, 4 September 2016


September is here and summer is officially over. Students across the country will soon be flying from their parents' nests and flocking to their new uni halls or back to their student houses. However for me, that will not be the case. Yes somehow I made it - it has now been 7 weeks since my graduation ceremony and the fact that I am no longer a student is still something I'm getting used to. Gone are the days of 10% Topshop discounts, cheap nights out at the local club and living with the best friends you could ever make. However one thing about university life I most certainly do not miss is pulling all-nights. No, not ones on the dance floor, but one's in the library when a deadline is looming - note to any current or future students: don't leave your work until a week before the deadline. You'll thank me later. And whilst we're on the theme of uni advice, here are my other tips for surviving university...