Thursday, 11 June 2015


Even if you don't know me, I like to think that by just looking at this mish-mash collection of items you can get a sense of my personal style. I'm not particularly girly, tending to stay away from a lot of colour and pattern.

I actually borrowed this dress from one of my university house mates and absolutely fell in love with it. I love the high neckline of this dress and how it looks like a top and skirt.

Item 2 - Folly Elastic Strap Sandals by Topshop
I have been lusting after these shoes for a long time now, but alas I have been unsuccessful in obtaining them. I have ventured into both the Southampton and Reading Topshop stores but neither have had these beauties in my size :( I am one of those people who has to try things on before I buy and so steer well clear of online shopping, but in this case I may have to just bite the bullet and click "add to cart".

I have been on the look out for a cute denim skirt for a while and I think I may have found it in this one. If you asked me a few years ago if I would ever wear a skirt like this the answer would have probably been "hell no". But in recent months, they have been giving me a nostalgic feeling, reminding me of the cute little skirts I used to wear as a child. 

This bikini set is just too cute. I love the white and coral colour combo and it would look amazing against tanned skin. Wish I was going on holiday somewhere so I could wack this out the suitcase!

Item 6 - Jersey Sweat Dress by Topshop 
This is another Topshop item I have been wanting for a while now. I love big baggy jumpers, so this jumper dress is perfect for me! (Maybe not perfect for this glorious weather we've been having though, but you can never be prepared for autumn/winter too early).

Item 7 - Marigold Shirt Dress by Topshop
This item is an exception to my pattern rule I spoke of earlier. The marigold detail is a small pattern so isn't too in your face. Plus, the dress is black. (Don't judge, this makes sense in my head ok? :P)

Item 8 - Rave Poncho by Topshop
This is poncho is just perfect for the upcoming music festival season. I would feel no shame wearing this. 

Lots of love, Anna x


  1. 4,5 & 6 are my favs!! However, I'm scared to buy a white bikini as they can go see through!! Fab post xoxo
    Check out my june beauty/skincare wish list ;)