Thursday, 4 June 2015


Many people don't know that my hair is naturally wavy/curly because I never have enough time to let it dry naturally. I find myself having to resort to using a hair dryer which acts as a straightener and robs me of my natural style. So how do I achieve wavy/curly locks when I don't have a few spare hours in the morn to let it dry naturally or use a curling iron?
Enter my new favourite hair care product: Toni & Guy Cool Defining Cream.
This was one of the products I was lucky enough to be given at the end of my work experience at Heat magazine and it has truly been a miracle worker. *Thanks Heat!*
After blow drying, I section my hair and apply a small amount of this cream to each section and give my hair a good scrunch - and that's it! Curly hair in a few minutes! This product is perfect for achieving a wavy beach look just in time for summer, and anything that gives you the hair style you want without having to apply heat is a winner in my eyes! 
Plus: it smells amazing and how cute is the packaging? (Who else is a sucker for pretty packaging? I know it's not just me!)
What are your favourite hair care products?
Lots of love, Anna x


  1. This has inspired me to try it out! & yes i'm a sucker for pretty packaging too - you're not alone!