Saturday, 2 November 2013


I absolutely love the smell of old things. The musty aroma just brings back so many memories of my nan and granddad's house, and makes me feel like a kid again. So it was no surprise that upon entering the Lou Lou Vintage Fair at the Southampton Guildhall today, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Not only was my sense of smell satisfied, but so was my sense of sight. There were so many amazing clothes around, a feast for the eyes, I didn't know where to look!

The fair was buzzing with over 50 different stalls, selling anything and everything. From Levi denim shorts to Nike ski jackets, this fair took you on a trip down memory lane all the way through the rock ‘n’ roll wave of the 1950s to the punk’s paradise of the 1980s, stopping off in the minimalistic Mod era via the swinging sixties and the extravagance of seventies Psychedelia. Among the array of clothes, there was also a hair & beauty parlour and a tea & cake stand, all set to a retro soundtrack from a golden age of pop music which had me bopping along whist browsing.
So, did I buy anything or did I just drool with envy at others purchasing amazing vintage items? The answer to that is, YES. I bought three items...

Item 1: A black and white stripped shirt, £18

Item 2: A houndstooth jacket, £20

Item 3: A denim shirt, £10

Lots of love, Anna x


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