Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I absolutely love Easter. What is better than relaxing all day whilst eating a shed load of food mainly consisting of chocolate? That's right, not much.

This year, myself, my mum, dad, and dog all crammed in our car filled to the brim with food, and drove up to Stafford to visit my brother at university. Two and a half ours and one toilet stop later and we were there. Unfortunately, our lovely plan of having a picnic by the Staffordshire castle was thwarted by rain, however we managed to get a table at a local pub and the hot helpings of a Sunday roast certainly warmed our cockles.

By the time we had stuffed our stomachs fit to burst, the rain had stopped, and so we decided to venture up the castle and give the dog a bit of a run about. For a 14 year old dog, she can still give me and my brother a run for our money in the energy department.

Hope you all had a good Easter!
Lots of love,
Anna x


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