Tuesday, 10 June 2014


A few weeks ago, on Monday 26th May, I visited the Pradasphere exhibition at Harrods in London. 

On the 4th floor of this world famous department store, was a Prada inspired paradise, with clothes, shoes, books, and images everywhere. It was like a mini museum tucked away in the maze that is Harrods. 

The exhibition was arranged in six zones: Origins, Evolution, Typologies, Specimens, Construction and Observations. 

Origins included artefacts from when Mario Prada opened his first boutique in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade in Milan in 1913.

 Typologies was made up of six free-standing glass cabinets in the middle of the exhibition room, each showcasing Prada clothing associated with a specific obsession or fascination. 

(Silly me though, only photographing five of the cabinets!) 

Evolution featured an electronic timeline of changing images and small films displaying Prada's male and female collections, as well as advertising campaigns and fashion show spaces. This section also featured architectural models, books and exhibition catalogues. 

Specimens displayed a plethora of Prada shoes and bags.

The Construction section was a floor-to-ceiling video display that organised Prada's most iconic looks by colour. The images featured in the video were the photos taken during the fashion shows in which the clothes featured. 

And finally, Observation was a separate screening room playing some of Prada's film/video projects. 

I was absolutely engrossed in this exhibition and honestly could have stayed there for hours - and would have if my parents let me.

Lots of love,
Anna x


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