Saturday, 9 August 2014


Devon has always been like a second home to me. I've been going there ever since I was a child as my grandparents lived in the little sea side town of Brixham. Since their passing, Devon seems to hold a special place in my heart and my family actually bought a house down in Kingswear seven years ago.

Ever since holidaying in Kingswear, we have always made it our mission to drag ourselves out of bed and have breakfast at a café called Alf Fresco (see what they did there?) at least one time every trip. Situated in Dartmouth just a short ferry ride away on the other side of the harbour, it's open from 7am - 2pm, and because of it's popularity, there is normally if not always a queue. This time however, we were lucky. No queue.

Alf Fresco's has such a cute rustic feel, with its décor of old sailing equipment, retro signs, old wooden furniture and iron gates. The place has a relaxed feel with it's sit anywhere there's a space policy and going up to the counter to order your food and get your own cutlery and sauces - but don't worry, they do bring you your food and drink; you don't have to do all the work yourself :P

We all got our usual: drinks - orange juice all round, coffees for mum and dad; food - big alf's for dad, regular alf's with extra Heinz beans for my brother and I, veggie breakfast for mum, and two orders of cinnamon toast. Delish! I kid you not, Alf's does the best fresh orange juice I've ever had in my life. From a carton, I prefer both pineapple and tropical to orange juice. But when it's fresh, nothing beats Alf Fresco's fresh orange juice.

If you're ever in the Dartmouth area, I seriously recommend this place. Alf's also doubles as a hotel so you can always check yourself in and make the most of what this lovely town has to offer.

Lots of Love,
Anna x


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