Saturday, 12 September 2015


Hello again lovely readers! I must once again apologise for my long blogging absence, but I can assure you it was for good reason (I would never abandon my readers without one). So what is it that has kept me away from blogging for the past two months? Interning.
Last Friday was my last day of my press internship with Impulse PR, a fabulous fashion PR agency based in London specialising in jewellery and accessories. I can tell you, for someone who's jewellery collection consists almost entirely of Freedom at Topshop, (which is a client of Impulse), there was no better place for me to intern.
Most of my tasks included send outs and returns, scanning magazine coverage, updating social media reports, visual merchandising the showroom and general administrative tasks.
My time at Impulse flew by and when it was time for me to leave, I really was genuinely sad. One of the things that made my internship so enjoyable was the people I worked with. They were so nice and made me feel like one of the team, not just an intern. I hope one day to go back and work at Impulse.
Like with anything in life, with an internship you have good days and bad days. You are given tasks that you've never done before and it can be scary. But the only way you will learn and get better is if you try. Give everything a go and learn from the experience. That is the point, An internship truly is what you make of it.
If any of the Impulse crew are reading this, I love and miss you all!
Lots of love, Anna x


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